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Invest in
Students and Teachers


Friends and Neighbors,

The return to near normal over the last year has felt amazing, but there is no doubt the pandemic left us with scars. I see it in the pervasive anxiety and in subtle changes in how we interact. Everything feels a little bit harder at a time when there is more work than ever to be done, particularly in our schools.  I have been a very active participant in the School Committee and budget discussions for the last 3 years, and it has been hard. 

As a town, we have several pressing issues that the school committee will face in the coming years and we need a balanced approach to ensure that the students and educators of Natick have the resources and support they need to be successful. 

  • We need to make all students and teachers feel safe and accepted in our community

  • We need to model collaboration that includes well-reasoned and thoughtful debate

  • We need to build strong schools while still trying to balance the budget

  • We need to set goals and then measure results

  • We need to unite the town and the school in a shared vision for our town

With 4 kids at the elementary, middle and high school level, I believe I can represent many of you as we make hard choices while also facing an imperative to invest responsibly in students and teachers. My entire professional career has been marked by:

  1. Working tirelessly to align everyone on the bigger picture

  2. Actively listening when concerns are voiced

  3. Resisting the temptation to offer false assurances

  4. Acknowledging when decisions are not in my control

  5. Seeking common ground

As I look at my kids, I think we all agree that it's time to move forward and model the creativity, empathy and collaboration that our kids deserve from us. It is time to make a sensible and sustainable plan for the future of our schools. If you believe I can represent you in this journey, I'd be honored to get your vote on 3/28.

With Gratitude,


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